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How Does Elevoplasty® Work?

Elevoplasty® is a minimally-invasive, office-based procedure that works like “a face lift for the soft palate”®.

Elevoplasty® provides a therapeutic option for the patient who suffers from simple Snoring (without sleep apnea). It is an alternative for those patients seeking relief from snoring who are not interested in wearing an oral appliance at night and who do not wish to undergo invasive, often hospital based, surgery. Elevoplasty is a minimally-invasive procedure that is performed in a doctor’s office. Using specially-shaped sutures, the procedure lifts and stiffens the soft tissue at the top and back of the mouth, (the soft palate) to reduce or eliminate snoring.* This provides lift to the soft palate without surgery, thereby alleviating snoring by three mechanisms.

1. Shortening: Making the soft palate slightly shorter reduces the chance of the soft palate obstructing the airway during sleep.


2. Lifting: Lifting the palate reduces the chance of the soft palate obstructing the airway during sleep.

3. Slight, secondary scarring of the soft palate makes it slightly shorter and stiffer.

  The multi-center S.I.Le.N.C.E. Clinical Study has shown that 30 days after the Elevoplasty procedure, 3 out of 4 patients saw a reduction in snoring and improvement of sleep quality and daytime alertness.


Minimally Invasive Procedure


The minimally-invasive procedure is performed in-office under local anesthetic and involves no downtime.



Completed in Approximately 10 Minutes


Treatment for a vexing healthcare challenge can be completed in an approximate ten-minute office procedure.


An Anatomic Remedy


The soft palate is lifted to anatomically fix a root cause of snoring without the need to wear a treatment device during sleep.

Elevoplasty Patient Education Guide


a Indications for Use: The Elevo® Kit Snoring Intervention Device is intended for use in stiffening the soft palate tissue; which may reduce the severity of snoring in some individuals. –

Elevoplasty Snoring Treatment Animation