Reduce Snoring and

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a face lift for the soft palate

An estimated 1 in 4 adults suffer from a clinically harmful level of snoring.

Snoring is caused by an airway obstruction.

In many cases, the source of the airway obstruction is at the top and back of the mouth, (soft palate tissue), which relaxes and falls toward the tongue during sleep.

Zelegent has developed a technology that allows physicians to quickly and safely alleviate some cases of snoring through an office-based treatment.

Simply put, the procedure works like "a face lift for the soft palate."™

how it works

introducing Elevoplasty®

A minimally-invasive procedure performed in a doctor's office that lifts soft palate tissue to
reduce or eliminate snoring.*

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*Elevo® Kit Snoring Intervention Device: Premarket Notification #K181107 Indications for Use: The Elevo® Kit Snoring Intervention Device is intended for use in stiffening the soft palate tissue; which may reduce the severity of snoring in some individuals.



The minimally-invasive procedure is performed in-office under local anesthetic and involves no downtime.

Completed in
10 Minutes


Treatment for a vexing healthcare challenge can be completed in an approximate ten-minute office procedure.



The soft palate is lifted to anatomically fix a root cause of snoring without the need to wear a treatment device during sleep.

A Good Night of Sleep Will Change Your Life Sleep Better. Live Better.


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