Elevoplasty™ Compared to Soft Palate Coblation

Elevoplasty™ was developed as a simple, minimally-invasive solution to lift the soft palate tissue to reduce or eliminate snoring. It was designed as a practical alternative to treatment approaches such as soft palate coblation or UPPP surgery.

Elevoplasty™ is an office-based procedure that may provide a therapeutic option for the patient who suffers from simple snoring without sleep apnea. It may fill a need for those patients seeking relief from snoring who are not interested in wearing an oral appliance during sleep hours, and whom are not willing to undergo more invasive palate procedures such as UPPP or coblation of the soft palate, also known as coblation palatoplasty.

How does Elevoplasty™ work?

The basic concept of Elevoplasty™ is to use specially-shaped proprietary resorbable barbed sutures to provide lift to the soft palate without surgery, thereby alleviating snoring by three mechanisms. The procedure is designed to make the soft palate slightly shorter, reducing the chances of the soft palate obstructing the airway during sleep.

How does soft palate coblation work?

Soft palate coblation is a procedure designed to stiffen and shrink soft palate tissue through the application of controlled and targeted radio frequency (RF) energy, thereby widening the airway and reducing the likelihood of airway obstruction and snoring. As with UPPP, this snoring treatment is typically only considered once other treatment methods, including lifestyle changes, have been attempted without successful outcomes.

Like Elevoplasty™, coblation of the soft palate can be performed in-office as a minimally-invasive procedure, using only local anesthesia. During the procedure, the doctor will use a special device to deliver controlled radio frequency energy to problematic tissue in the throat area, resulting in the formation of channels in the soft palate tissue. In the weeks following treatment, a patient’s body responds by forming scar tissue in these channels, which can lead to stiffening and shrinking of the soft palate.

How does Elevoplasty™ differ from soft palate coblation?

Both Elevoplasty™ (performed with an investigational device and not for sale in the U.S.) and soft palate coblation are minimally-invasive procedures designed to treat the soft palate tissue that causes snoring, effectively enlarging the airway and reducing the chances of obstruction. However, the means by which each of these procedures achieves those outcomes is different. With soft palate coblation, radio frequency energy is applied to the soft palate tissue with a goal of creating scar tissue to stiffen and shrink the skin, whereas with Elevoplasty™ three specially-shaped, proprietary sutures are inserted to provide lift to the soft palate.

What are the benefits of Elevoplasty™?

The Elevoplasty™ procedure may offer the following:

  • A potential anatomic remedy for snoring
  • A minimally-invasive procedure
  • Performed in-office
  • Patients may return to normal activities the same day as treatment

If you are considering soft palate coblation for snoring and would like to find out more about Elevoplasty™ as an alternative snoring treatment option, please contact us.